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Mast Mast

Mast Mast Desi wheat Flour|Farm Atta| Swastthik Foods

₹ 1,140

₹ 1,200



Mast Mast Wheat's 'Farm Atta'. Experience Rajasthan's heritage with every bite!

  •  Elevate your culinary creations with Mast Mast Wheat's premium 'Farm Atta,' sourced from the fertile fields of Rajasthan.
  •  Crafted using traditional methods, our Desi chakki ensures the highest quality and freshness in every grain.
  • The flour undergoes meticulous sieving with a gyroscreen, guaranteeing purity and a fine texture.
  • Our Farm Atta includes Bran, providing you with the nutritional goodness of the entire wheat kernel.
  • Ready to eat and bursting with flavor, our atta is a wholesome choice for health-conscious food enthusiasts.
  • Immerse yourself in the essence of Rajasthan's heritage with Mast Mast Wheat – where tradition meets quality.
  • Experience the joy of cooking with our Farm Atta, a unique blend of authenticity and deliciousness in every bite.

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